Feeding Therapy

Some children with autism have feeding issues such as hypersensitivity to food textures, flavors and smells; self-limited diets; resistance to accepting new foods, and so on.  A feeding therapist or feeding team can help parents learn to introduce new foods and improve nutrition.  There are also some helpful books.

Pasadena Child Development Associates – feeding therapy and nutritional consultations

20 North Lake Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91101



USC University Center for Excellence on Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) – Feeding Clinic

at Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles

4650 Sunset Blvd. #53

Los Angeles, CA 90027-6062




Just Take a Bite – Easy, Effective Answers to Food Aversions and Eating Challenges

Author:  Lori Ernsberger, OTR

Special Needs Kids Eat Right – Strategies to Help Kids on the Autism Spectrum Focus, Learn and Thrive

Author:  Judy Converse, MPH, RD, LD


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